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How to Survive Christmas Present Shopping on a Student Budget


How to Survive Christmas Present Shopping on a Student Budget

Christmas is a wonderful but expensive time of the year, which makes it even harder to buy your loved ones Christmas presents and survive on your already low student budget! This article will provide tips on how to stretch your money even further over the gift giving season!

Secret Santa

As a student, you won’t be able to afford buying a Christmas present for all of your friends! An alternative to this is arranging a secret Santa in your different friendship groups so you only need to buy a few presents as opposed to an unaffordable amount. Plan a budget as to how much everyone spends on the present, a good amount would be around £5. If you are struggling to think of decent gifts in a small price range, then look into more meaningful and personalised gifts. Gifts such as personalised mugs are a good shout!

Avoid expensive shops

Avoid expensive shops like the plague! Don’t even tempt yourself by going into them, just stay out! Opt for cheaper stores that are in your budget: pound stores are a great place to save money on wrapping paper. Shop around in high street stores to make sure you go for the cheapest prices! Even have a look around online, ecommerce stores tend to be a bit cheaper.


Make a budget

Brave a look at your bank account and set yourself a budget! Write a list of who you are buying presents for and compare it with your bank account. Bear in mind that you may have to have a few setbacks to make sure you don’t run out of money over the festive season. Such as really squeezing that last bit of toothpaste out of the tube so you don’t have to buy another one! Make sure to keep checking your bank account and working out how much more money you need to spend. If you can’t afford to get everyone a present, then unfortunately you will have to prioritise some people over others. Your friends will still appreciate it if you only get them a card. You could even wait till the boxing day sales to do your Christmas shopping, I’m sure some people on your list won’t mind getting a gift late.

Just remember you don’t need to give the most extravagant or expensive gift. After all it’s the thought that counts!

Have any of your own tips? Let us know in the comments below!



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