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UniLovers – The Love that makes a difference

Best Friends To Have At Uni


Best Friends To Have At Uni

The friends we make at university are supposed to be our friends for life, right? But each friend you make is different and will affect your university experience in different ways. To find out how, we’ve broken down a list of the 5 types of friends you will have at uni!


The Mum

Your most responsible friend. Often found cooking, organising your house bills and cleaning up after everyone else. They are the one you turn to when you need advice on life (like when you’re having a debate between having one more jäger bomb or going home). They are also the one you are always secretly trying to corrupt!


The Lifesaver

One of the best and most reliable friends to have at uni. They actually went to all the lectures you were too hungover to go to but were still willing to share their notes with you!


The Alcoholic

They are always the first person you contact for a night out, and are always the one to convince you to go out even though you were “only going to pres!” DISCLAIMER, you will feel very ill after a night out with this friend!


The Runner

The alcoholic’s best friend. They will always start the night out saying, “ok guys, make sure I don’t walk off tonight” but as soon as you’re through the club doors, they’re gone. You spend all night looking for them, and after calling and texting them what feels like 50 times, you’re forced to leave without them and hope they get home safely (which they always do!). You’ll get a text from them the next afternoon telling you of their crazy night and how they ended up getting a taxi home with a bunch of random people they have never met, and managed to do so without paying! This friend is slightly annoying, but a great one to tell stories about!


The Paparazzi

Always has their phone in their hand, Snapchatting your night out. Responsible for most of the drunk pictures you’re tagged in on Instagram and Facebook (including that one of you passed out on the floor!). My advice to you – block your mum from seeing these pictures!!


What other types of friends do you have at uni? Let us know in the comments below or send us a message on Instagram (, we’d love to hear your thoughts!


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