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Brunel University is Performing “Curtains”


Brunel University is Performing “Curtains”

In 1986, a group of students at Brunel University informed the Arts Department that they wanted to put on West Side Story but they needed a director. This was the beginning of Brunel’s tradition of yearly plays and musicals. The Arts Department chose Eileen Pinkarchevski to direct the first musical at Brunel and she’s stayed on since then! Brunel used to perform a variety of musicals and plays each year but have now decided to stick with one annual musical. This year they are performing Curtains, a comedic murder mystery set in Boston, Massachussets.

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Curtains tells the story of a detective, Frank Cioffi, who finds himself looking into murders taking place within the cast of a Robin Hood production, behind the scenes. Talk about play-ception. The cast of the play are instructed to stay inside while Cioffi carries out his investigation. Whether you’re a fan of musicals or not, this one is sure to be a thriller!

In past years Brunel has performed a mix of musicals, including Sondheim’s Into the Woods. The cast changes every year and is handpicked by both the theatre and the music director through a rigorous audition process. However the cast is not only limited to drama kids. Anyone can audition to be a part of the play and the current cast contains a whole variety of students from Theatre to Biomedicine. So if you’re a Brunel student and have always had a thespian side that you didn’t pursue, these musicals are perfect for you!

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If you’re interested in watching Curtains it’s being performed next Thursday, Friday and Saturday on Brunel’s campus. Tickets are a fiver for Brunel students and staff and a tenner for the rest of the world’s lowly mortals.

Are you a fan of Curtains? Planning on watching Brunel’s performance? Tell us what you thought of it in the comments or tag us in your pictures at the play on instagram (

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