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How to Stay Motivated at University


How to Stay Motivated at University

Self-motivation at university can sometimes be hard to find. Pushing yourself to go to lectures, study, do the reading and assignments can be difficult. It’s not like school where you are legally obliged to go, it’s completely up to you and your own motivation weather you go to lectures and everything else that comes with getting your degree. If you are struggling to conjure up some self-motivation, then keep reading.

Stop and think

Talk to yourself in your head, even in a mirror if that helps! Ask yourself why you went to university in the first place, why do you want this degree? Think of all the hard work you did to get to where you are now. Do you really want to let yourself down? So many students (including myself) have so much motivation at the beginning of the term however, it rapidly starts to decline as the term goes on. Think about what was going on in your head back then, what was motivating you?

Make a list

By making a list of your tasks for the day you have an organised schedule that will help you stay focused. Trust me, you will find HUGE satisfaction in checking things of the list. This will also help to motivate you when you see a task on your list not completed, you will feel a drive to do it.

Surround yourself with motivated people

Surrounding yourself with academically motivated people will highly encourage you and motivate you to be academically motivated yourself. Having friends that can support you through your studies is a definite help. Set up a study session with a friend you study well with, it may be tempting to ask someone you get on well with, but if you don’t get much work done in their company than you are better off doing it alone.

Don’t dwell on your failures

No good ever came from dwelling on your failures. This will only bring you down and demotivate you even more! Learn from your mistakes and use what you have learned for the next time. There is no such thing as the perfect person, strive to be the best version of yourself that you could possibly be. Think of your successes and keep a positive mind.

Take breaks

You don’t need to be full steam ahead all the time, it’s okay to take a break and have some time out. Reward your hard work with relaxing and doing stuff you enjoy. In my experience giving yourself the weekend off really helps to clear your mind and give you time to relax and have fun. You will find motivation in knowing that your break approaches with the weekend.


Make sure you get enough sleep. Having low energy will negatively affect your academic performance. A well-rested brain will produce first class worthy results. If you know you have a 9am the following morning say no to that night out, you can go extra crazy and make up for it when you have your days off!


Have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below! Best comment gets a shoutout!!

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