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Student Guide for Getting a Job


Student Guide for Getting a Job

One of the biggest struggles of university is trying to survive on your student loan. For many students, it just isn’t enough to cover all costs so the only option is to get a dreaded part time job. However, this is waaaay easier said than done. With many students having little to no experience, finding a job is almost as difficult as your uni assignments. I would know, I’ve been there myself. So, if you are one of those people then read on for help and advice for getting a job.

Make sure your CV is the best it can be

A top-notch CV really makes a difference when you have little to no experience. Make sure to alter your CV depending on which section you are applying to, this may even mean having more than one CV. Get friends and family to read over it to see if they have anything they can add or improve to it, it’s always good to get other opinions. Lastly and most importantly make sure your details are correct. As a student, you may often be changing your address, email or mobile number, so make sure to update this on your CV as well. It would be a great shame to miss out on a job opportunity just because the wrong number was on your CV!


Search online using job sites such as Indeed , using online job search sites helps you to easily apply to jobs that are suited to you, you simply put in some information of what type of employment you are looking for, and then you will be presented with a list of jobs you can easily apply for.  Download apps such as Jobstoday  to simply sign up, upload your CV and requirements of what jobs you are looking for and then wait to hear back from them. Two of my friends applied for jobs through Jobstoday and heard back from them on the same day! You can also try sites such as LinkedIn to find jobs appropriate for you.

Hand out your CV

Applying for jobs face to face is also an effective approach to applying for a job. By personally going into places you would want to work and asking to speak to the manager you can show your interest in the job verbally while handing in your CV, which will definitely  increase your chances. Make sure to plan what you are going to say before you go, to save yourself from thinking of what to say on the spot.

Ask around

This may not seem like a reliable one but it’s worked for me in the past. I told a friend I was looking for a job and he put in a good word for me at work and got me a job there! Trust me, you will know someone who knows someone looking for employees, you just need to ask around to find out!


Many universities have job opportunities for their students, such as working at the bar or café on campus, or even helping out at a university event. Just inquire about it at your uni. Numerous universities also hold job fairs on campus, so make sure to find out when yours are!

Before you start applying for a job make sure you will be able to balance working life and university life. You don’t want your bank account improving while your grades go down. For help on budgeting check out some of our other articles such as Eating Healthy on a Student Budget.


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