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UniLovers – The Love that makes a difference

Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad


Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

Leaving home for university can be a tough decision to make. You’re moving away from your parents for what’s probably the first time and starting uni in a country where you don’t know anybody. This is a very tough decision to make, so here are some pros and cons of studying abroad.

You Experience a Different Culture

Nothing broadens your mind more than seeing other people’s lifestyles and experiencing their culture and beliefs. If you stay in one place for your whole life then you never get exposed to different viewpoints or ways of living. In short, you stay the same boring person that you always were.

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You’re Completely Alone for the First Time

Experiencing new cultures is all well and good but when you choose to travel abroad for university you’re not already used to living on your own. You go from living with your parents to living completely alone, in a different country far from everyone you know. If you get in trouble you can just call your mum to come get you. You’re well and truly alone.

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You Become More Independent

Or you transfer to a school back in your home country. Being completely alone at such a critical point in your life can be very difficult but it does teach you independence. You have no choice but to fend for yourself in every way possible. Your sink is plugged and leaking water? You can’t ask dad to come over and fix it. Therefore you become more practical and mature earlier on in your life.

You Get a Lot More Homesick

You don’t have the opportunity to go home some weekends like most uni students, therefore you end up missing home a lot more. You can’t just catch the next bus down whenever you feel sad. This can be really hard to handle especially if you’ve never lived alone before.

You Adjust Easier

Since you can’t just go home whenever you feel like you’re obligated to stay at uni and try to make a life there for yourself. You focus completely on life at uni and the new people you’ve met as you don’t have your old friends to fall back on. This also means that you have a social circle somewhere outside of your own country which can really come in handy!

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