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UniLovers – The Love that makes a difference

BKChat LND’s Gogo at University of Roehampton


BKChat LND’s Gogo at University of Roehampton

On November 15th the University of Roehampton hosted their yearly BAME (Black Asian And Minority Ethnic) conference on campus. The conference was a student friendly free event lasting 4 hours and consisting of guest speakers, panel talks, workshops, food and drink.

One of the special guests was BKChat LND’s Gogo. For anyone that isn’t familiar with it, BKChat LND is a controversial British web series on YouTube. It consists of a group of mainly black young adults assembling in a room and having a debate about topics such as homophobia, sex and racism. With so many strong characters in the room, the debate usually gets quite heated. The web series is becoming increasingly popular and has racked up over five million views!

Nigerian born and Hackney raised Gogo started off his talk by warming up the audience and getting them to get up and high five each other, which really helped to gain the audience’s attention. He later went on to discuss a bit about himself and what he does outside of BK Chat. Which is running his social enterprise called The Award Group. The enterprise celebrates creative talent including; fashion, art, creative media and sport, helping young individuals showcase their talents as well as pushing them to be the best versions of themselves.

Gogo continues to explain that he started the enterprise because he has a passion for business and helping people and the enterprise gives him the perfect balance of both. He then goes into discussing how BKChat has helped him with self-development and given him the opportunity to do numerous keynote speeches at schools and universities. He continues to discuss his generation wealth theory, which he believes is important in the black and ethnic minority communities. He believes that people should be more community based and try help their community businesses so that communities can grow as a whole.

If you are interested in finding out more about Gogo’s full speech, hear his advice for going out in the working world and watch some of the BAME conference, then visit the Roehampton Students Union Facebook page to watch a video of it.

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