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Best Foods To Have At Uni


Best Foods To Have At Uni

You’ve finished freshers week, you’re already sick of beans on toast and are desperately missing your mum’s cooking. Want some yummy meals that are cheap and super easy to cook? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.


1. Spaghetti Bolognese

Can be as simple or as complex as you want. Just want mince and a tomato sauce? Go for it. Want to add chopped up garlic cloves and tomato puree? I applaud your culinary efforts (and must I say, welcome Jamie Oliver!). For a veggie alternative, try using Quorn mince, we love this recipe:


2. Pasta Bake×919-bdd5968a-191d-4686-b539-dc8510e8fd5e-0-1400×919.jpg

There’s nothing like a good pasta bake to warm you up in the winter. There are no rules to it, you can put (almost!) anything you want in it: meat, fish, or stay veggie – it’s your choice! They are great for cooking for big groups or if you don’t want to share you can stretch it out to last you the whole week!


3. Stir Fry

One of the cheapest and quickest options in this list! Just like a pasta bake, you can do what you want with a stir fry: chicken, pork, prawns… There are so many delicious recipes out there to choose from or just use what you already have to invent your own.


4. Curry×1320-125826-1.jpg

I’m not talking about the ready meal curries you can just chuck in the microwave, these are expensive and nowhere near as nice as a real homemade curry! You only need a few simple ingredients to make a dish that really packs a punch and if you make it in bulk, you’ve got meals sorted for months if you freeze it!


5. Jacket Potato

A classic English dish. A really cheap, easy option and great if you have some leftovers. Got some leftover Bolognese, chuck it on top of the baked potato. Chilli? Curry? On it goes. Or if you prefer more traditional options, you can go for the classics like baked beans, cheese or tuna.


6. Fajitas×850.jpg?fit=1266%2C850

Great for a social night for you and your friends. Why not make it a Mexican themed night? Throw in a few fun extras like sombreros, margaritas and plenty of tequila shots to go around. There are sure to be some great Instagram pictures from that night!


7. Soup×800/landscape-1446063831-weeknight-din-tomato-soup.jpg

Got freshers flu? Soup is the best comfort food. Great for when you don’t have much of an appetite, but still need to get all the nutrients in you to keep you going. If you’re feeling lazy you can easily buy fresh or canned soup from the supermarket. If you’re feeling really savvy, you can make soup at home for very little money.


Have you tried out any of these ideas for yourself? Tag us in your photos on Instagram (, we’d love you see your creations!


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