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5 Types of Pets That You Can Get Away with Having in Your Dorm


5 Types of Pets That You Can Get Away with Having in Your Dorm

Most universities are rather strict about having animals in your dorm room, but if you’re a bit of a risk taker, or if you just can’t bear to be parted from your furry friends, then this article is for you.

Animals have been companions to man for as long as anyone can remember. However, if you’re going to get away with having one in your dorm room you need to be very careful. As much as you probably love watching cute puppy videos on YouTube, barking is a dead giveaway to security that you have something in your room that’s not meant to be there. And if your dog is cute enough they might just take it and keep it for themselves. If you want to have something to cuddle up with at night that isn’t your teddy bear, and you don’t want to be kicked out of your dorm for it, then these are the types of pets that you should consider getting:

1. A Goldfish

Okay, you can’t exactly cuddle up with a goldfish at night and they may not be the most exciting of pets. But what they lack in the entertainment department they make up for by being very discreet. You can easily hide them away if need be and they make absolutely no noise at all. And if your goldfish is especially dull, then you can get another one to keep it (and you!) company. Just make sure to keep feeding them because otherwise they might eat each other…

2. A Lizard



Dark, mysterious and suave, the lizard is a perfect companion for your dorm room. Most lizards are nocturnal, so they’ll be there waiting for you after a wild night out. This is a good thing, especially if you’re the type of drunk that even your close friends can’t stand to be around. Your lizard can’t understand you, so you can moan about your cute flatmate Paul all you want and they won’t get sick of it. However, if you try to pick them up they may cause some problems. And make sure your lizard doesn’t escape, because Paul’s definitely not going to ask you out if he wakes up to it it sitting on his face.

3. A Rat

Yes, that’s right. A rat. Rats get a bad rep because of their long, worm-like tails, but they are actually some of the most adorable creatures. Have you ever seen a rat eating spaghetti?

Not only are they adorable, they’re great pets to have in a dorm. If you get caught you can just pretend to be horrified that a rat got into your room, and even sue the university for uncleanliness if you’re running low on cash. The only downside is that they tend to smell a bit, so make sure you clean them regularly or no one’s going to want to come to your room for pre drinks. However, unlike lizards and goldfish, you can cuddle up with these furry little creatures if you’re feeling lonely!

4. A Bird

Birds are cute, small and easy to conceal. They’ll sing in the morning to wake you up, and if anyone becomes suspicious you can easily say that you’re listening to bird song on your speakers. People listen to stranger things. If your friend isn’t answering their phone then you can write a letter, tie it to your bird’s leg and see if they can find your friend, medieval style. In an age where everybody is completely dependent on their phones and technology, it’s nice to take a step away from all of that and go back to more natural ways of communicating.

5. A Tortoise

Tortoises are very reliable pets. They’re not fast on their feet, therefore they won’t have the opportunity of running away from you. Apart from that there really isn’t that many advantages to having a tortoise. Maybe if you get one of those really big ones you can ride it to your lectures, but walking would probably be a lot faster. Your lecturers won’t accept ‘slow and steady wins the race’ as an excuse for arriving half an hour late. However, tortoises are quiet and easy to take care of, making them ideal pets to have in a dorm.

Do you have any pets that you keep in your dorm? How do you hide them during inspections? Share your stories in the comments or tag us at

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  1. Ezgi

    November 15, 2017 at 12:16 am

    Hahahaha love the witty humor and voice! I cracked up at the thought of my potential dorm room pet lizard escaping

  2. berfect

    November 15, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    hahahaha I am so getting a lizard and a rat. I want them to be friends

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