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UniLovers – The Love that makes a difference

The Daily Routine of a Student


The Daily Routine of a Student

Many students can attest to the fact that they fall into a series of routines once they are enrolled in university. Although uni life can be filled with new experiences and first times, once you get settled in and know your schedule well things can begin to become repetitive. There are not many students in the world who won’t relate to this article and the stages of an ordinary day on campus.


Waking Up

For your average student, this may well be the hardest part of the day. Especially if they have a 9 am lecture, their alarm clock is going to look a little something like this:






You get the idea. The snooze button will be hit so many times that it’s a wonder that it’s still working right. Finally, they’ll roll out of bed at 8:26, bleary eyed and drool stuck to their chin. They’ll grab the nearest sweater thrown on their desk chair and a pair of jeans (or, in reality, sweatpants) and make their way into the cold morning. If they have time they’ll grab a coffee and have a cigarette before making their way to class.

(Or, alternatively, they shut off their alarm and sleep through their 9 am lecture)


An integral part of the routine of a student. Two hours or three hours, interesting or boring, lecture or seminar, students have it all. If they’re lucky, they’ll make it to class early and snag the seats at the back next to their friends. If they’re slightly less lucky, they’ll have to sit right at the front next to their classmate who always smells like fish. They’ll be forced to create awkward eye contact with their lecturer and have every question directed at them. Hopefully they did their weekly reading.



This is a tough one. Do they brave the cafeteria food even though the soup has chunks of a foreign substance, unknown to all the student body? Do they buy an unsatisfying egg and cress sandwich from Costcutter that makes them wish they went for a BLT with every bite? Or maybe a Subway sandwich even though they’ve been eating the Chicken Tikka one for lunch and dinner for the past few days? The decision is not easy. They’ll probably end up going down to the student pub with their friends and eating cheese fries, even though they’ve been trying to eat healthier due to alcohol related weight gain. Nevertheless, it’ll be the best cheese fries ever.

The Library

Once lectures are done it’s time to hit the books. A regular student’s library experience on any given day consists of 30% studying and 70% gossiping with their friends. Josh hooked up with a fresher called Kelly? The first people that will hear about it are the ones in the library. Invention is the mother of necessity, and where there is a necessity for boredom relief people can start inventing a lot of things. Nobody really knows if Emily dropped out because she was pregnant, but it’s more interesting to discuss than the assignment that’s due next week. Time not spent studying or gossiping is spent taking selfies or posting statuses about being in the library so that everybody on Facebook knows how studious they are.


9 am lecture again tomorrow? No problem! The ordinary student will just tell their friends and themselves that they’ll go down to the pub for a few drinks then be in bed by 12. However this rarely happens, and by rarely I mean never. Before they know it it’s 1 am and they’re 5 glasses of wine, 3 tequila shots and 2 snakebites into what’s turning out to be a wild night out. They’re dancing on tables, crying in the bathroom to anyone who will listen and just being all around rowdy and disruptive. By the time they stumble into bed it’s half 3, and the cycle repeats all over again the next day.

University students, what’s your favourite part of the day? Let us know in the comments below, or tag us on instagram

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dui

    November 15, 2017 at 5:18 pm

    I like to skip all other parts of the day and start directly from “Drinks” :D:D

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