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Happy Heid-oween


Happy Heid-oween

When thinking about celebrity Halloween costumes, one name comes to mind. Heidi Klum: Klum’s annual Halloween party is always one of the most anticipated events of the year and we can’t wait to show you what she was wearing for 2017! But, before we make our big reveal, let’s take a look at some of her most recent Halloween creations.




Fashion is pain right? Covered in black feathers and a realistic bird beak, Klum revealed that the outfit caused many problems, both in the car en route to the party and also once she was at the venue. She spoke of how the large beak made eating and drinking rather difficult (let’s hope there were straws at the party).



Transforming herself into an 8ft alien, Klum sported a red and purple glitter robot costume. Adding a pair of hydraulic crane shoes, she towered over husband, Seal, who accompanied her as a silver muscle man (and we thought wearing heels to a party was hard work!).



Reinventing the couple costume. Accompanied by her then-husband, Seal, the model covered herself head-to-toe in monkey-like hair. The model even went as far as to wear a pair of prosthetic breasts to complete her realistic ape appearance.


Very Naked

Spoiling fans with not one but two insane costumes in 2011. Arriving at her party on an autopsy table, accompanied by two blood-soaked doctors, Heidi said of her look: “It’s kind of like a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off. It’s basically like me naked.” To achieve this look, makeup artists airbrushed on top of a basic outline of a dead body, painting onto her skin and skull cap on her head. To complete the look she added some red contact lenses and rotting teeth.



Heidi’s annual Halloween bash was a month late in 2012, when Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of America. With an extra month to perfect her costume, the model did not disappoint! With the help of award-winning makeup artist, Bill Corso, the model transformed her face with hundreds of crystals, carefully placed on her cheeks, lips and the bridge of her nose.



Wrinkled Old Granny

We love that Heidi doesn’t care about looking sexy for Halloween. In 2013, the model proved this by dressing up as an adorable old lady, donning a white wig, pearls and a two-set tweed outfit. In addition to the outfit, she called in Hollywood makeup artists, Bill Corso and Mike Marino to add a bald cap, varicose veins, wrinkly prosthetics, and a hunched spine.




Was the ex-Victoria’s Secret model trying to gain back her angel wings? After years of walking in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Klum would have had no problem rocking this outfit. An incredibly elaborate costume, fit with huge multicoloured wings, hypnotising bug eyes and sky high heels.



Jessica Rabbit

A year of great speculation. Klum spent days before the big event teasing fans with photos of her in a prosthetics lab. The model posed with her new curvaceous figure, leading many fans to speculate that she would be dressing up as shapely Kim Kardashian.




After months of waiting to see what amazing creation Heidi would come up with for 2016, many were left feeling a bit deflated after she revealed her look. Many branded her Halloween look ‘disappointing’, we have to say we get their point considering Heidi went as, well… herself!



Michael Jackson in Thriller

It seems that after last years costume fail, Klum really wanted to step up her game, telling Entertainment Weekly, “This time it’s going to be scary.” “I’m going to wear a lot of prosthetics. I don’t like to do just easy costumes obviously. But some people were like, ‘Heidi didn’t really do anything [last year],’ so I’m going to do a lot this time.” As with previous years, she spent the day teasing fans with behind-the-scenes clips, showing how much work it took to transform her into MJ!

What was your favourite Heidi Halloween look? Let us know in the comments!

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