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UniLovers – The Love that makes a difference

Eating Healthy on a Student Budget


Eating Healthy on a Student Budget

As a student, it’s hard to not be led astray by unhealthy foods, especially when a bag of 34 frozen chicken nuggets costs the same price as a small container of strawberries Baffled? Me too. Fear not, you don’t need to live a WW1 lifestyle of extreme food rationing, there are ways to eat healthily without plummeting into the dreaded overdraft.

Buy seasonal foods

Buying foods in season is relatively cheaper as it’s far less time consuming and hard work to grow, if the weather is right a lot of the time the fruit or vegetable can be left to grow on its own. Check out this seasonality table by BBC Good Food to find out when your favourite foods are in season.

Buy frozen fruits and vegetables

Don’t think just because you are buying frozen fruits and vegetables you aren’t getting as much nutritional value. Frozen fruit and vegetables are just as good for you as fresh fruit and vegetables and they are A LOT cheaper. As well as this it doesn’t matter if the fruit or vegetable is in season or not, if you buy it frozen it will cost the same all year around. Not only this, frozen vegetables come pre-chopped making them ready to use, saving you from the ever-annoying task of chopping vegetables.

Plan your food shop

Avoid splashing out on unnecessary items by planning the food you need in advance. It’s so easy to be lured into marketing traps by buying food aimed at people trying to be healthy. Don’t fall into the trap of buying items just because the packaging screams healthy. Plan what you need and stick to it.

Price comparison websites

Price comparison websites such as mySupermarket show you the range of products available from each online food supplier, allowing you to easily select the cheapest food supplier to shop with. This really helps you stick to your tight student budget as you will know how much you have spent before you press buy, as opposed to going to a till and being horrified with the results.

Own brands

Buying own branded foods such as pasta and the supermarket’s own brand version of Weetabix can really save you some pennies, which over time will build up to saving you hundreds. Supermarkets provide a wide variety of foods in their own brand range, so keep an eye out. Don’t throw your money away on luxury brands, they are usually the same as cheaper brands, just more expensive.

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