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Best Societies to Join at University


Best Societies to Join at University

Joining a society at university is a great way for students to integrate into social life on campus. The endless options of clubs may seem daunting at first though. If you want to join a society but have no idea where to start, we have compiled a list of the best ones to consider!

1. Any Sports Team

Joining a sports team at your university is a great way to meet people, build team spirit and connect with fellow students. Try-outs can be daunting, but even if you don’t think you’re exceptionally skilled at a sport you will still definitely find people on your level. Sports teams are a great way to meet lots of people, as you will be travelling to other universities’ campuses to compete in matches. (However, if both your universities are really passionate about their team then it might be more easier to make rivals than friends). All things aside, sports teams often have socials on set days after practices, so if you find it difficult to form connections on the pitch then you still have an opportunity to socialize over a pint. Physical exercise is also a great stress reliever once classes start becoming intense, and you’ll end up becoming really fit!

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2. Theatre

If you have a flair for the dramatic or just a passion for the arts, the theatre society at your university could be where you find your true calling. Theatre societies often stage performances for the entire university to see, so if you don’t have stage fright this could be a great way to get your name out there and meet people. It is generally expected that you discover who you truly are at university, but if you’re a thespian why stick to one person? All the world is a stage, and on this stage you can be whoever you want to be, whenever you want to be. Maybe you’ll be the beautiful Sandy, pining after her Danny (or the cute boy in your sociology lecture). Not big on romance? You can be one of the witches from Macbeth, stirring trouble wherever she goes. The possibilities are endless.

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3. Any International Society

Even if you’re not an international student, it can be great to join an international society just to be immersed in a different culture. Also, many international students have left their friends and family behind in a different country, and therefore are very open to meeting new people to bridge that gap. If you’re a lonely fresher or just a third year looking to expand their circle, the international society could be what you need to break out of your shell. If that isn’t enough to convince you, then think about how much experiencing a different culture can help you to broaden your horizons. You can learn to make pasta with the Italian society, learn about the French Revolution at the French society, and talk politics with the Turkish society. On the other hand, if you are an international student who’s come a long way from home, joining your native country’s society can help you adjust to living in a different environment. You’ll be spending time with people who share your culture and mother tongue, making the adjustment process just a little bit smoother.

4. Baking Society

You may not be a naturally born culinary chef, but if you don’t want to be living on take-out and McDonald’s for the next three years it might be a good idea to invest some time into learning how to cook. Baking doesn’t have to mean cupcakes and cookies! Learn how to bake pies and bread, and watch yourself become the most popular amongst your flatmates. Everybody loves being fed, especially poor university students who have never lived alone before. If you’re really that bad of a cook, then at least you’ll still get to eat whatever’s being made at the baking society. So all in all, a win-win.

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5. Charity or Other Volunteer Organization

The other societies in this article have been focused on helping students adjust to life at university and form a circle of friends. While this is an integral part of the university experience, it is also important not to forget to give back to the community. Not only does charity work look great on your CV, you’re actually helping to make a difference to the world. Perhaps your university has an organization that volunteers with various charities, such as hurricane relief, helping orphaned children or the homeless. Helping the less fortunate not only aids them but also you, as seeing how you can make a difference in people’s lives makes you appreciate yourself and your place in this world.

What societies are you a part of at university? Comment to share!

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