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How to Develop Confidence!!


How to Develop Confidence!!

We live in a generation where all we need to do to up our confidence is a snapchat filter. Though when it comes to believing in our own potential, we seem to be lacking.

How to Develop Confidence!!

We live in a generation where all we need to do to up our confidence is a snapchat filter. Though when it comes to believing in our own potential, we seem to be lacking.


Confidence is defined as “a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement”. It is completely possible to develop confidence just through taking conscious mental steps and actions – simple! With a greater target in mind, such as good exam results or getting an internship, lifted confidence is the key. This increased confidence should be backed up by your actions, as opposed to blindly assuming that you are the best (although secretly you are!).


Confidence is a word often thrown about, an attribute we are told that we need to possess in order to be successful in whatever we choose to do. Thus let’s take your confidence to a whole new level… just remember confidence is something already in you – you have the power!


The UK being the great nation(not so sure anymore #brexit) that it is, attracts more young people than ever, so what better time than now to work on your confidence to be the best you can be!


It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed or behind when you are trying to realise your dream career. This article will illustrate steps that you can take to keep yourself on track and uses the beautiful Maya Jama (she is stunning!! Plus grime star boyfriend ‘Stormzy, yep she is all that) and how she remained confident and true to herself throughout her struggles.


  • Firstly,  as simple as this might seem, keeping positive is a major key to believing in yourself and your potential. Actively ensure that your thoughts are positive, and consciously change a negative mind frame. This change will be obvious to those around you and will convince them to feel positively about you too.. If you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too!


Maya Jama advised that “as hard as things get, don’t let that control you” and that “life is not [always] fair”.   A positive mindset is essential in preventing yourself from crumbling under pressure. Don’t let circumstances take control of your fate, take back the narrative!


Arnold Schwarzenegger explains that “strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”. So no matter the holdbacks, keep persevering!


  • Remind yourself of all that you have achieved so far, and use this to motivate yourself for future successes – whatever the obstacles.


  • Preparation is huuuuge when it comes to feeling confident in yourself. Why not put yourself in an advantageous position, giving yourself that head start so you can perform to your highest level. Revise for the exam, prep for the interview – knowing that you have put in the work will allow you to be confident in your performance.


  • Even simply grooming yourself and dressing appropriately will do worlds for your confidence. For example, dressing in a suit for an interview will make you feel like you are already part of the surroundings, and that getting the job is a realistic prospect – fake it ‘til you make it! You know dress like a superstar to that party and of all of sudden you hear ‘WOW!!! you look amazing’ everywhere you go.



Maya Jama did this with her late nights at ‘Jump’ In on her journey to being a presenter on Football Virgin (procrastinate by watching her here:, and you can also use this same long term mindset.


For example, If you have an upcoming exam and have 100 flashcards you need to learn, take 10 of these a day for 10 days rather than cramming 100 cards the night before the exam. This will have a huge beneficial impact and is a much easier amount of information to digest.


Confidence is not something you’re either born with or you’re not, it is something we can develop within ourselves over time. Further empower and motivate yourself by checking out our instagram with more inspirational stories @BetteringEducation.


COD (Challenge of the Day):


  • For one day a week, challenge yourself to only see things positively. No complaining allowed! Observe how this affects your mood and how it overflows into other areas of your life


  • Pick one day in the week. Note down the obstacles you experienced, and how you dealt and overcame them. At the end of the day, read through your notes and realise how strong and able you are in testing situations.


  • Challenge yourself to start a conversation with 5 new people a day! Go on you can do it!

Have a purpose though – do not just start talking, be productive!!


Let me know how your challenges go by leaving your comments below.


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